Knife Sharpening

For me, knife sharpening is where it all started. For many years now, I have enjoyed the craft of putting fine edges on cutlery. The skill of a good knife sharpener is getting to be a rare thing to find these days. For decades, knife sharpening was something that was widely developed. Many people would sharpen their own knives, developing these skills as a youngster. Today, most people simply discard their dull knives, not knowing where or even if they could get them sharpened. I would estimate that nine out of ten households have a block of dull knives in their kitchen. I pride myself in my ability to put any type of edge on a knife, depending on how it’s going to be used. I’ve also developed a variety of techniques to sharpen serrated knives. The benefits of a good sharpening apply to most any knife; from grocery store brands, all the way up to the high end Japanese models. All of my knives will easily slice paper and shave hair. I sharpen kitchen cutlery, pocket knives, hunting and tactical knives, and knives that are used for special applications.

  • $5 – Most straight blade or serrated knives knives up to six inches
  • $8 – Most straight blade or serrated knives knives over six inches
  • Extra long knives are priced at 1 dollar per inch