I had 6 knives and 1 pair of scissors sharpened by Gary. I found him on the web and I'm so glad I did, very friendly and my knives are like brand new, if not better! I Highly recommend him.
Thank you for a great job in sharpening my knives. I enjoy the friendly smile and your craftsmanship.
I have had my knifes sharpened many times by Garry. He is great at his craft!
Review from Facebook: Stacy Williams - I took my kitchen knives a few weeks ago to get sharpened. I had used one of those at home sharpeners and it tore my knives apart. They had chunks missing from the blade and they were very dull. Gary did an amazing job getting them back to normal! He totally saved my knives! I was on the verge of just replacing them but he came to the rescue! He was very nice and fast, definitely recommend him!
Review from Facebook: Jessica Grate - Picked up my knives today and just... Wow. They look beautiful and cut so smoothly with minimal effort. I can't even believe they are are same knives I brought to you. I love to cook and you just made the experience that much more enjoyable.
Review from Facebook: Isadora Clampett - I love my old wood handled kitchen knives but never used them because they were so dull they couldn't cut lettuce. I gave them to Garry to see if they could be revived and I am stunned at what he did. First of all they cut paper sharp is an understatement. But he also sanded and oiled the wood handles and they are so pretty i want to display them! I'm thinking of going and buying one of those magnetic knife holders so they will be out for everyone to admire. He does a magnificent job!!!
Review from Facebook: Kerry Comeaux - We took a chef's knife I received for Christmas which wasn't very sharp to Garry's. He worked for quite a while to get the knife perfectly sharp. It cut through tomatoes with just the weight of the knife. I would highly recommend Garry's. We were extremely pleased.
Review from Facebook: Ginny Bradley Senchack - We had several old rusty hedging/clipping yard tools that Garry made look like new. Even the wood on the handles looked almost new. Worth every penny. We will be back with more very soon. Thanks, Garry!
Review from Facebook: Pat Dittberner - Garry knows knives and he does an excellent job. He sharpened my set of Chicago Cutlery knives that we got as a wedding present in 1969. Not a fancy set but they have served me faithfully all these years and now they are like new! Nice guy, too!
Review from Facebook: Shau Shwankee - Garry did a great job with three of my kitchen knives last weekend at Wolf Ranch. He even stayed 25 minutes after closing to finish them for me because he was that busy. Super friendly and very affordable!
Review from Facebook: Peter Bradstock - Amazingly sharp knives, plus he repaired serious rust, a bent end, he even refinished the handle and polished the sides!
Review from Facebook: Alex Andrade - Man I forgot what a sharp knife is supposed to feel like. Garry took my santokus at the Wolf Ranch Farmer’s Market and had them back to me in a couple of days, so sharp that cutting my first lime at work the next day nearly brought a tear to my eye PLUS he fixed the bent tip on my 7” for no extra cost. Not to mention how great his prices are. I cannot recommend highly enough; no question, I know where I’m getting my knives sharpened from now on.
Review from Facebook: Celia Cawthon - Amazing! I was just thinking of swinging by the booth next week to tell you. I used today that super cheap knife you had to retip on my steak at lunch. Wow!
Review from Facebook: Ashlie R. Koenig - You weren’t kidding when you said those knives would be sharp! Tried them out when I got home and couldn’t be happier! So nice to meet you. I will definitely be back!
Review from Facebook: Jameela Picas - Garry did an exceptional job sharpening my kitchen knives and Benchmade pocket knife. He also showed me on how I can keep them sharper for longer. He’s also a really cool guy to talk to about knives.
Review from Facebook: John Drummond - Garry does exceptional work. He has sharpened everything for me from a pocket knife to a machete. He even does mower blades. Everything he does is exceptional.
Review from Facebook: Janice Foulk - I was not sure if my inexpensive knifes could be sharpened but wow did this make a difference. I managed to slice my own finger and it was so sharp I didn't feel it. The kitchen scissors work like a charm now as does the butcher knife. Cuts right throw bones. Thank you Garry!
Review from Facebook: Carrie Kahler - I purchased a used wood lathe that came with old gouges and turning tools that were in rough shape. It is absolutely required to have sharp tools for your own personal safety so I thought I would have to buy a complete set of new tools. Before that purchase, I took them to 'Garry's Knife Sharpening' to see what he could do for me. He had the right equipment for the job and put such a professional, highly sharpen edge on all of them. Even shined them up and made them look new brand new. I was simply amazed at the ease, precision, and control I had when I put these tools to use. I highly recommend his services.
Review from Facebook: Sandy Nortman Putnam - I'm very fussy about my knives! I decided to first try my henkels pairing knife and boning knife. Both were in desperate need of sharpening! Garry did a great job on both- and the true test is whether they held the sharpening for more than a few days! Also whether the paring knife could cut a tomato. Both tests passed! So I next brought my two workhorses - Wustof Grand Prix Santoku knives. These are my babies and I would be so upset if anything happened to them! Garry too, very good care of them and I am thrilled to have sharp knives again!! Next up is my carving Knives!
Review from Facebook: Heather Burnside - I had Garry sharpen two of my knives today at the Georgetown farmers market. I wish I had a before and after pic because he also repaired a broken tip on my Santoku knife. You can’t even tell it had been damaged! Thank you Garry!
Review from Facebook: Woody Hadean - This is Woody with Texas Custom Upholstery. Garry sharpened my knives, scissors and button dyes. Never been sharper! I highly recommend him! He'll be the only one that I have sharpen my stuff from now on. Thanks again Garry for a job well done at a fair price!
Review from Facebook: Christopher Griffin - I buy vintage Sabatier knives from all over the world. These knives usually come with some defects from home sharpeners. Garry completely fixed every one of these knives for me. He also got my stainless set of Globals laser sharp. I will be returning frequently.
Review from Facebook: Vanessa Gregory Hess - Today I brought my whole butcher block of knives ( 8 knives & 1 pair of scissors ) for Garry to sharpen at Wolf Ranch Farmers Market. He did an EXCELLENT job. I am so happy that I found him and will refer all my friends and continue to have Garry sharpen all of my knives moving forward. Thanks Garry!
Review from Facebook: Jill Hawes Bradshaw - I had 5 knives sharpened by Garry today at the Wolf Ranch Farmers Market in Georgetown. He did an outstanding job!!! He's there every Saturday.
Review from Facebook: Eileen Walker - It's so handy to have Garry at the Wolf Ranch farmers market he did an excellent job on my sad, dull knives. Thanks, Garry!
Review from Facebook: Richelle Fowler - I met Garry at the Sun City farmers market. I wanted to get my knives sharpened but was running behind and didnt have my knives with me. I thought I would just run in and get a card and catch him next time since it was close to the time to pack up. Garry asked where I lived and then told me he would stay and wait for me to bring him my knives. Fast forward a couple of days...Garry called me to let me know that my knives were done as promised and I could pick them up. I was so excited about getting my knives back that I bought a watermelon, mangos and peaches to try them out on. Let me tell you. Garry did NOT disappoint! Thank you Garry!
Review from Facebook: Sharon Andrews - I have personally seen how hard Garry works on knives, tools, hedge clippers, etc. I am a loyal customer. :) He turns old beat up knives into works of art. He truly is passionate about delivering beyond your expectations. I am truly blessed to also know him and Christy. They are wonderfully kind people. If you need tools sharpened - you need the Garry Effect!
Review from Facebook: Carolyn Cummins - I took 5 knifes, mostly inexpensive quality, and Garry made them sharp as any good quality knife. I plan on taking more soon. Sharpened while I waited!
Review from Facebook: Harlan Fisher - Recently I tried Garry's Knife Sharpening with four of my knives. WOW did he do a great job! It is nice to be able to grab a knife and have it cut so nicely. I plan on taking other knifes and I understand he does serrated knives as well! Thank you Garry.......................... Harlan Fisher Lago Vista Texas
Review from Facebook: Luanne McClintock - I had Garry sharpen my professional chef's knives with incredible results! Great prices, the quality of his work is amazing. Plus he is conveniently located in Lago Vista, and at the farmers market every other week.
Review from Facebook: Kendra Gupton - My husband found a '43 bayonet at a flea market that needed lots of work, and Garry brought it back to life! Super happy with his work!
Review from Facebook: Paula Ettelson - Garry sharpened my dog grooming scissors which are very dear to me. They work like they are brand new. Garry is excellent at his trade. Highly recommend him.
Review from Facebook: Danielle Kobe Weston - I took 3 of my kitchen knives (8", 6" & 4") to Garry at the Wolf Ranch Farmers Market on 5/20/17. I am very happy with the sharpening job he did on all 3! I have tried all kinds of electric and manual sharpeners and none of that cost or effort is anywhere close to Garry's sharpening. His craftsmanship is much appreciated and I highly recommend Garry!
Review from Facebook: Pat Ann Nadon - Garry does an excellent job on all sorts of tools including a pizza cutter, small scissors, knives, axes etc. I needed some knives sharpened and was wondering if anyone in Georgetown did sharpening. What a great surprise to find Garry at the Farmers' market at Wolf Ranch. 9am-1pm. We took every tool we could to Garry and were extremely satisfied.
Review from Facebook: Elizabeth Moulds - Visited Garry on Saturday with my 3 German knives that I had ruined with store bought sharpeners...Ugh!!! Dude knows his stuff; he's tenacious, friendly & loves to please. He does it right the first time because it matters. My knives are sharper than sharp...Scary
Review from Facebook: Randy Bevers - I had two of my grandads butcher knifes that were over 100 years old they were in sad shape but Garry took both knifes and gave them some much needed TLC. This guy is good I would recommend him to anyone. He will absolutely give you the best for your money.