Shear Sharpening

Shear sharpening has become my passion. Sharp shears are essential for a quality haircut. The modern beauty shear was developed in Japan, and is a marvel of geometrical engineering. The equipment and the methods I use are designed specifically to restore the modern beauty shear to factory sharpness. In addition to sharpening, I also carry a full line of quality shears for sale.

My service includes:

  • tear down, cleaning, and inspection of the components
  • bumper, washer, and finger ring replacement when necessary
  • complete convex grinding and polishing of the outer surface
  • water stone work to establish a proper ride line
  • re-assembly and tension adjustment
  • re-aligning of the tips
  • sharpness testing

These services include shears, thinners, texturizers, blenders and chunkers.

  • Beauty Shears- $30
  • Thinners and Blenders- $25
  • Dog grooming shears - $12

*addition repairs, if needed, will be quoted separately